Bush Fire Appeal Update

I cannot believe it, the amount has almost doubled again!!  Well done everyone!

We’re thrilled to report that to date, with the sales of the Bushfire Appeal stamp sets, we’ll be able to donate $58,131.68 to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal.

Thank you for your efforts to help those who’ve suffered from this tragedy.

We’ll keep you aware of the donation amount as the month progresses.

Please don’t forget, here is a list of the Bushfire Appeal sets:

IB&C 2008/2009:
Pg 27 The Snowflake Spot* (108934) $39.95
Pg 46 Polka Dots & Paisley* (110247) $35.95
Pg 51 Be Happy* (108744) $39.95
Pg 76 Looks Like Spring* (108864) $58.95
Pg 80 Bodacious Boquet* (108756) $58.95
Pg 89 Seeing Spots (108909) $29.95
Pg 98 Baroque Motifs (112380) $39.95
Pg 105 Priceless (112312) $48.95
Pg 115 G’day Mate* (111973) $35.95

Summer Mini:
Pg 3 Live Your Dream (114261) $55.95

*These sets will appear on the upcoming list of retiring products, so they will only be available for the Bushfire Appeal–while supplies last.

Remember, 50% of the retail price goes to this appeal.



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