Bush Fire Appeal & Retirement List

WOW, the Bush Fire Appeal is still going strong and I cannot believe the support that has been show, just a fantastic effort, and it’s still got a month to go!!

It has been two weeks since starting the Bushfire Appeal, and we are heartened by your efforts in encouraging your customers to participate in this cause. We also acknowledge your personal contributions and sacrifice.

To date, with the sales of the Bushfire Appeal stamp sets, we’ll be able to donate $34,653.80 to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal.

We appreciate your continued efforts to help those who’ve suffered so greatly.

Watch for updates from us throughout March letting you know how much we’re donating.

AND – now for what we’ve all been waiting for, the retirement list.. I am so excited!!

If you check it out you will actually see many products have been marked…

* 25% off RRP
** 50% off RRP
*** Sets that contribute to the Bush Fire Appeal.

I would highly suggest you get your orders in quick, at these prices they’re not going to last!



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