Bush Fire Appeal

We have all been deeply affected by the horrific bushfires in Victoria this past week. I know several of my customers have been personally on high alert or evacuated, although thankfully all are safe. Many many people have lost their lives, houses and possessions.

I am pleased to announce that Stampin’ Up! will be donating 50% of sales of selected stamp sets to the bushfire victims. Details of the promotion are below and urge you to consider buying these sets to support the fund. I will personally be donating all of my commission from the sales of these sets to the appeal as well.

For those who have been personally affected, please know my family and I are hoping for you to find the strength to rebuild your lives with the support of all of us.

To help those victims of the bushfires that have ravaged Victoria, join with us in supporting the Bushfire Appeal.

From 12 February through 31 March 2009, Stampin’ Up! will donate 50 percent of the retail value of all sales from a select group of 10 stamp sets to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfires 2009 Appeal.

Here is a list of the Bushfire Appeal sets:

IB&C 2008/2009:
Pg 27 The Snowflake Spot* (108934) $39.95
Pg 46 Polka Dots & Paisley* (110247) $35.95
Pg 51 Be Happy* (108744) $39.95
Pg 76 Looks Like Spring* (108864) $58.95
Pg 80 Bodacious Boquet* (108756) $58.95
Pg 89 Seeing Spots (108909) $29.95
Pg 98 Baroque Motifs (112380) $39.95
Pg 105 Priceless (112312) $48.95
Pg 115 G’day Mate* (111973) $35.95

Summer Mini:
Pg 3 Live Your Dream (114261) $55.95

*These sets will appear on the upcoming list of retiring products, so they will only be available for the Bushfire Appeal–while supplies last.

Saleabration benefits are still available on these sets, so orders of $100 or more prior to Feb 28th will also get a free Saleabration set.

During the donation period, we will periodically update you with the amount of money we are collecting from the sales of these sets.

Thankyou so much for your anticipated support. Until today I have felt so helpless and although this will only be a drop in the ocean, each drop counts and will help these people rebuild their lives.


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