Card Classes in Your Jammies!

  1. Do you long to learn a new technique or two?
  2. Do you lack the time to go out and find a class to attend?
  3. Do you live too far away to attend a class?
  4. Do you prefer to learn at a time suitable to YOU?
  5. Do you like to have a visual reference so you can look back and do it again and again?

If you answered YES to any of the above, do I have something cool for you!

My darlin’ upline, Roz has the a most excellent set of CD’s containing 12 (yes 12) video classes on each (there are 6 to date) that you can sit at home and watch to your hearts content. What is better is you get full instructions and a supply list and at anytime you can stop or pause and follow along.. I just love them!

#6 is the latest, and if you order now, and tell her Chelle sent you, she will not only give you #6 at an incredible $29.95 including postage, but she will also throw in #5 for FREE! Yes, you read right, for FREE – you must tell her Chelle sent you to get the FREEBIE!

You can contact Roz by email here – Roz Veevers and don’t forget, to get your FREEBIE, just tell her Chelle sent you!



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